Hello Friends,


The long wait is now over. We took a brief break to bring a few things in order. The way Teka is being received as a novel business concept is unbelievable. Your support and adoption have given us oodles of confidence and at the same time, much greater responsibility. Increased server loads and website traffic demanded that we migrate to better infrastructure and technology. And some time spent in the market showed us where we could tweak our business model and processes to make them more effective and attractive.



We are reopening shop on Feb 6th 2019. We have a new UI, better servers and most importantly, probably the best deal in terms of an improved business plan. 



Here are some of the highlights of our enhancement initiatives - 



1. No Limit on Group Size - we have now removed the limitation on the size of your group for distribution of Promotional points and Akshayapatra points. Anyone that is part of your group either directly or indirectly will contribute to your points.


2. No Need to Unlock Akshayapatra Points - you will not need to unlock Akshayapatra points any more. It is pure cashback on your purchases now, not on point redemptions. For example, when you buy products worth 1000 rupees, get a cashback of 4000 rupees (provided you have 4000 akshayapatra points in your account) - it is as simple as that.


3. No Point Redemptions - we have simplified the whole concept by removing point redemptions. You may not redeem your points. All you will need to do is purchase products and avail cashbacks for those purchases. Your points will be given back to you as cashbacks whenever you make purchases.


4. Simplified Point System - we will now have only two types of points - Akshayapatra points and Promotional Points. Akshayapatra points will be allotted for personal referral purchases. Promotional points will be allotted for new referrals. Promotional points will get released and added to Akshayapatra points when the new customers become active in the system.


5. The monthly minimum amount of purchases to remain active in the system would be 1500 Rupees.


6. A personal referral would earn you 5 Promotional points whereas a group referral would earn you 1 Promotional Point.


7. The Platinum Plus, Platinum, Gold, Silver Plus, Silver and Bronze plans will continue to exist, but the respective point ratios for personal and group purchases have been changed to 100/400, 150/650, 450/1500, 450/1500 and 2000/8000.


8. Cash back will be given on the purchases of 25 % of your active points, total.points are converted into cash back and transferred to your account  . Double Dhamaka will continue to be given out as before.


9. Existing Promotional points will be released as and when the respective customers become active according to the earlier rules. Fresh Promotional points that would get accrued from 6th February would of course be handled following the new rule..


10. Existing Redeemable points will be added to the Akshayapatra points.



As you can easily see, the above changes have made Teka's business plan even more powerful and appealing. We hope you will like and appreciate what has been done so that Teka can establish itself firmly as a source of inspiration for many generations to come. We thank you wholeheartedly for the overwhelming response you have given Teka so far and hope that you will continue to do so. Together, let us embark on building a new retail future for our beloved motherland. Jai Hind!



- Team Teka.