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What is the beauty of TEKA?

TEKA, ‘Providing Support’ (Derived from Hindi Language) is not just a shopping application but an additional or primary source of income for everyone who own a mobile phone without being dependent on their cranky employers or a so called boss, in short, it’s a legitimate earning app. Have you ever heard about 100% cashback on points directly into your bank account? If yes, then that’s TEKA, just TEKA. This is the first time in the world where the referrer also gets 100% cash-back on points of purchase, unbelievable right?

TEKA is always on the line of its theme, which is to shower rock-solid support to its users and vendors, ranging from a pan-shop to big bucking store. The major downfall in operations of retail stores had taken place because the world has become online frenzy and wants everything at their door step, restore the balance of the destructed retail stores with no or less turnover, TEKA was born to empower the retails stores and also the customers/users of the app. This germ of thought carved up to become TEKA.

TEKA acts as a pillar of strength to these retail stores, And to the customers, it’s a golden opportunity topick up this jackpot and live the life of their choice. To add up on this, YES BANK has been partnered with TEKA, which is proving a magnanimous support for the company and for the people who wants to set-up a supermarket all over the country. TEKA stands as a partial guarantee if the person opts for a loan which YES BANK would provide, well, before that, let’s see how we get 100% cashback directly into our bank account?

Let us see what TEKA provides:


What do we get back after spending such a huge chunk of our monthly income on groceries, pubs, restaurants, clothing, or even a local shop in and around us? Nothing. But through TEKA, we get points, and these points are for every purchase with every vendor connected to TEKA. Apart from that, we get what we love: Discounts, interesting right? And you know what’s more interesting? We get 100%cashback on points, directly into our bank account.


You must be thinking, “I get points somewhere else too, it’s the same old stuff”, it’s not the same. Weget a Welcome Gift once we refer somebody, remember this carefully, a stranger can also be helpful to us, because we have no idea how much we’d thank him later. So, once we refer somebody, he gets intoour ‘group’ providing free Akshay Patra points, and when somebody from our group refers someone else, we get more points. Just imagine, what if our 1000 friends on Facebook who are actually of no use till now becomes a bonus for us, 1000 friends * 5 points each, you do the math.


Akshay Patra points are the points we get from our purchases, as well as our group’s purchases, for example: The purchases made by our 1000 FB friends whom we have referred. And these points can be redeemed to get 100% cashback, and this is not into our TEKA account, but directly gets credited into our BANK account. For example: We have purchased a mobile phone worth 15k through TEKA POINTS,

and you know what? We get those 15K back, directly to our bank account, you must be thinking, “Who gives that?” Well, TEKA does. This is called DHAMAKA. And wait, there’s DOUBLE DHAMAKA too.


Let me warn you before, please don’t yell in excitement. When you redeem your points and get 100% cashback, i.e. DHAMAKA, and if your friend, those namesake 1000 FB friends, if at least one of them purchases a mobile phone with 15K through TEKA POINTS, he gets his share of 100% cashback, and JUST because you referred him, even YOU are entitled to get 100% cashback directly into your BANKACCOUNT. It’s unbelievable, but it’s true. I gave an example of a phone, think of an Audi and do your numbers.


Well, after the viral growth with more than 1.5 lakh downloads in just 5 months of its inception, and approximately 2000 vendors connected to the company, TEKA has decided to expand its business by inviting interested-passionate people to join hands for setting-up supermarkets for themselves with YES BANK, one of the leading private sector bank in the country, providing them loans with TEKA being an official intermediary.


Apart from tons of points we get from our purchases, our group’s purchases, the welcome gifts, we alsoget additional points from the SCRATCH CARDS. You are just living in a wonderland. Now get your phones and download the APP.

Excited to use TEKA and build your empire of huge points and cashback into your bank account? Please do thank your 1000 FB when they download and use the APP.


-  A referral code is needed, after we download TEKA application from Google Play or App Store.

-  You’ll receive a Welcome Gift, free Akshay Patra points.

-  If you are at Groove 9 Restaurant. Select GROOVE 9 in the list of outlets, and pay the bill through

the application.

-  You get points after the bill payment, which you can check in your TEKA WALLETS section.

-  And yes, the 1000 FB friends you have referred will be seen with their phone numbers in ‘Group’ section.

TEKA is not only for app users, but also for various retail outlets who are in a turmoil, TEKA will lift you on its shoulders just like the logo of it. Form a big group, keep purchasing and keep getting points through TEKA and get 100% cashback on points: DHAMAKA and 100% cashback on your group’s points, that’s DOUBLE DHAMAKA, yes, DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.

TEKA is currently operating in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Pune, Manipal. We are expanding soon, download and build your team and get ready!

For more details,

Contact: 18003130559 (TOLL-FREE) Website: Email: Address: 3rd floor, KRB towers, Somajiguda, Hyderabad.

App: TEKA by Vedaansh Group. Follow our Instagram and Facebook Page: TEKATIME

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