Cancellations & refunds

TEKA is a hybrid marketplace where people go to shops, buy and avail discounts and reward points on purchases.

Any transaction you have had with the vendor is one time and final and will not carry any order cancellation or refund facility made available via Teka or are will committing, undertaking to verify the products/services customers buy from various vendors.

A vendor performance is tracked by a simple rating systems, any vendor ranking below 3 stars are automatically removed from our listing. 

We only seek to make quality vendors with quality products, services associate with us. If you have any queries or grievances regarding any of the TEKA vendors, kindly send us your information along with nature of issue faced with the vendor. We will review the scenario and provide you the best possible option to remedy the situation. 

However, we acknowledge that we do not have any say or control over the vendors decisions or actions.

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